My Mission

As a physician and life coach, I am uniquely suited to helping you understand and overcome all of the challenges that come after a cancer diagnosis.  I can help you move out of chronic fear,  and into loving your body and your life in a way you never imagined was possible.  Together, we can create a life that makes you HAPPIER than your precancer life ever did. 

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3 Month Group Program

Each month, we will work on identifying where you are struggling, and transforming your life.  The program includes video classes, bookwork and "live" group coaching on Zoom. November 2020 is filled.  Enrolling for January of 2021.  Click to get information and reserve a spot!

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Platinum Individual Coaching

This is my premier program, for the client who wants individual attention and major transformations in all aspects of life.  This includes, but is not limited to, cancer coaching.  I can also coach you individually on weight loss, your marriage, or attaining more success in business.  It includes 3 times a month private coaching.  SPACE EXTREMELY LIMITED.  Interview required.

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